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Your design will be more successful if viewed and designed with the following principles- not as a collection of single elements but as a harmonious composition. It should have balance, rhythm, unity, and contrast. The word "composition" refers to the components that make up your design. These can include type, images, color, and white space (or negative space).


At Cris Mendez Lawn maintenance we not only create your perfect outdoor space but can save you time by maintaining it for you. Leaving you with more time to enjoy your garden and connecting us all closer to nature. Our garden maintenance arm of the business takes on one-off services as well as regularly scheduled visits dependent on our client's needs.



Stone is a great choice for a patio or pathway, it is cost-effective and has a soft natural appearance. A stone patio/pathway is the greenest form of patio or pathway, stone patios /pathways are porous creating natural drainage and leaving your patios and paths puddle free! Choosing the right size stone will allow you to create your perfect space.


The best thing you can do when considering a paver patio restoration is to get an idea of what kind of stonework the original patio consisted of. This can be done by simply looking at the area and taking note of the color, type, and pattern. Replacing a paver patio with something new is an option as well. However, take into account that it might not fit in with your existing landscape or home decor which could make it difficult to blend in with the rest of your yard.



Water gardens and aquascapes come with a relaxing effect, that helps you to unwind after a hard day's work. If you're looking for a place to escape the stressful, fast-paced modern world and just unwind, then we recommend you install one of these in your backyard or garden!


A driveway is a great addition to any home, providing residents and visitors with a welcome place to park their cars and keep them protected from the elements. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining your driveway can quickly add up, especially if it’s full of weeds or moss. Thankfully, our maintenance has a driveway cleaning service that will have your driveway looking like new again.



Our designs provide sustainable and eco-friendly options for every job. We know that landscape renovations and enhancements should improve the appearance and functionality of your property. We also believe a good enhancement should help reduce long-term costs. Maybe most importantly these days is the opportunity to incorporate sustainable elements into your landscape.


With years of experience and knowledge about lawn irrigation systems, we can install, repair and maintain your system. Fill out our contact form to get started and schedule an evaluation at your home to provide you with a custom quote for your specific property’s needs.

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